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Dexterity Ashford Kent

Dexterity Motorcycle Training

Taster Session

This is an hour session of one to one training. Mainly aimed for individuals who would like to try motorcycling for the first time with little or no experience.

Gears Upgrade

This is a one hour one to one session. For those who have completed their CBT on an automatic machine (scooter) and would like some help learning to ride a manual motorcycle

C.B.T (Compulsory Basic Training)

The CBT is the starting point for everyone who wants to learn how to ride. This course is usually completed in a day and will allow you to ride low powered machines (16 years old 50cc, 17 years and older up to a 125cc). You are allowed to ride on a CBT for two years whilst displaying L plates.

C.B.T +

This is an additional two hour road ride for those on CBT level riding for help to improve the basic skills on the road.

Licence Courses

All of the licences are Age and Power restricted.

A1 (17-19 Years Old)

This is the lowest powered licence. After completion of you tests, you are allowed to ride a maximum of a 125cc motorcycle.

A2 (19-24 Years Old)

This is the mid-weight licence. After completion of you tests, you are allowed to ride a motorbike with a maximum power of 47BHP. This is the equivalent of a 500cc Motorcycle. However you can ride a larger powered motorcycle and have it restricted down to the relevant BHP.


With this licence after completion of your tests, you have no restrictions on size or power of motorcycle.

To do this licence.

If you already have an A2 licence. After holding your A2 licence for two years, you can retest to upgrade your licence to the A licence. For an example. If you passed when you were 19 years old you could upgrade at the age of 21.

If you don’t have an A2 licence. You will have to be above the age of 24 years old.

Refresher / Advanced Training

Whether you have recently passed your test and want to improve your skills, or if you have a licence but haven’t ridden for a while. We can help. We can tailor a course to suit you. From a couple of hours to a Couple of days depending on your requirement.

For all of the courses we run, we supply the bike and safety equipment from the waist up (helmet, jacket and gloves). For lower half we recommend motorcycle clothing. However for trousers we say a pair of denim jeans as a minimum and a supportive pair of boots for your feet. NO TRAINERS. If you were to turn up with incorrect clothing the training will not take place and you would forfeit the cost of the day.

How to Achieve your Licence

The Route to your licence.

To participate on any of the licence courses you will have to have passed your CBT and a Theory test before you can start a course.

For the licence itself is split in to two tests. You have a motorcycle manoeuvers test (Mod1) and you have a standard road test to complete to finish (Mod2). You have to do the test in order Mod1 then Mod2.

There are different ways you can do your licence.

You can run what we call a fully intensive course. This is a four day course with both test booked for you. Mod1 on day 3 and Mod2 on day 4. Now with this course there is a risk, as if you are unsuccessful on the Mod1 test you can’t participate on the Mod2 test, therefor forfeiting the cost of the test.

You can run what we call a split course. This is a five day course split in to the two modules. We book your Mod1 and your Mod2 separately. It works as a three day course with your Mod1 test on day 3. Then on your return to the office we book your Mod2 Test for the following week as a two day course, with the test on the 2nd day.

You can also run a course at you leisure, called a modular course. This is more like doing a car licence, where you book up a couple of hours on a weekly basis until you are ready to participate on the test.

Courses Offered

Advanced Riding

Take your riding a stage further with our Advanced Riding Course. We offer a one or two day course with one of our Advanced Riding Instructors who will help you learn the skills to enhance you’re riding experience safely. The courses are tailored to your needs to give you the best experience that Dexterity can offer whilst enjoying the beautiful countryside of Kent and Sussex.

The cost is £150 per student per day, maximum 2 students per day.

  • Course Requirements:
  • Full valid licence
  • Suitable bike
  • Full safety equipment
  • Full tank of fuel


  • Taster = £20 per 1 hr session
  • C.B.T = £120
  • C.B.T Plus and/or Gears Upgrade - Pad and Road = £90 per 3 hr session
  • Back to Biking = £160 per 3 hr session

Modular Training

  • Modular Training = £45 per 1 hr session
  • Day Modular Training = £360 per day

DAS Training

  • Mod 1 Training and Test = £400 - 3 Days
  • Mod 2 Training and Test = £350 - 2 Days
  • Full Intensive = starting from £700 depending on experience - 4 Days
  • Mod 1 Retest = £120
  • Mod 2 Retest = £200
  • Mod 1 Retest and Mod 2 Training = £375 - 2 Days
  • Students who have gained the CBT elsewhere or have 3 months or less validity on their CBT will require a 1 Hour One to One pre intensive course assessment ride.
  • Combined Course (5 day intensive course + CBT and licence test) - £800 (Five days consecutive CBT on one day then a four day fully intensive licence course. Candidates must have theory test before starting this course.)


Fully Intensive course can be split into payments
Modular Sessions are a minimum of two hours at a time
Refresher / Advance Training depends on duration but the standard 3 hour course is £120